To Hire an Arborist or Remove a Tree Yourself?

There are a lot of reasons why a tree is needed to be removed, whether it is a large or a small tree, it may be due to the tree’s location, or maybe it needs to be removed because it is already a dead tree, maybe it is diseased or gives risks to other trees, and many more various reasons. 

The first thing to consider is the safety of the professional tree remover or you (if you could remove it by yourself,) safety is always a priority when it comes to tree removal, and also the safety of the other living trees and animals within the perimeter. 

Although Cairns is more of a city, if your property is Northwest of the city, you would understand the mountainous rainforests that are home to trees of all sizes.

If you’ve decided on leaving it up to the professionals, it’s also important to pick the right team to get the job done. Based in Cairns too, Bumble Bee Tree Services are the people to call. With their friendly manner and years of expertise, they make sure to get the job done right the first time and are also pleasant to deal with. To get in contact with the team, their details can be found on their website at:

 A good tree remover should always consider any living things, structures, houses, and the environment before removing any tree. The next thing to consider is why the tree should be removed, then after examining all of the possibilities, you need to prepare a plan and execute it accordingly. 

Here’s a few key factors you need to consider when removing a tree:

  • Check all the parameters and the tree that is needed to be removed – When examining a tree, you need to check its leaning direction, this procedure helps to determine where the tree should naturally fall, and to lessen the risk of damages around its surroundings. Next is to make the area clear, when we say clear you must; remove all hindrance around the area, make sure that the tree is free to fall when it is cut, and ensure the estimation of the height of the tree to the land when it falls.
  • Prepare the proper tools and safety equipment – This step is dedicated to the safety of all the people, living things, structures that are in the area of the tree that needs to be cut. Make sure to create a “to-do list” or a “list of equipment” to ensure that there is nothing is taken for granted, for example: don’t forget to bring fuel to your chainsaw and to check the oil if there is enough for the job, or smaller trees a handsaw, remember to always use safety gloves and glasses, clean safety shoes out of slipper, and many other more. Always prioritize safety before working.
  • Create an escape route – Although it sounds a bit redundant, we never get tired of reminding everyone to always prioritize safety. An escape route must be created to make sure that no one gets harmed in the process, some common escape routes are on the other side of the lean of the tree. Make sure that the path is cleared out of obstacles and easy to access when the tree is falling, you also might need to create another path to be prepared when your plan doesn’t work or the tree didn’t fall on your exact plan. 
  • Cut the tree – Now, here is the most crucial part of this process; you may need to ask a professional about this step depending on the tree’s class, kind, type, height, and weight. There are various techniques; you may need to cut it like a V-style to make the cutting easier, you may also have to check the proper dimensions of the tree, estimate the tree’s slope and size, and any other various parameters.  Then, before the tree falls, you should be ready for running on your escape routes and remember to shout when the tree is falling to notify all the people around you.
  • Clean the tree and the surroundings – After the tree has fallen, you should be able to remove all of its branches and clean all the leaves to reduce the risk of disease breakout for other living organisms around it (when the tree that has been cut has a disease.) Then, cut the timber into smaller pieces depending on your needs or you may want to dispose of it when the tree has a sickness. Make sure to clean the area to reduce any risk of contamination between other plants, trees, or any other living organisms around the tree.

Getting a tree removed is an extremely dangerous process, especially in urban areas. Although attempting to remove a tree on your own might save you money, the repercussions can be fatal. For this reason; your safest bet will always be to hire professional tree removalists. Groups like Bumble Bee Tree Services employ leading tools, techniques and technologies to streamline the process of getting a tree removed. From tree to stump removals, their team have the expertise to help people in the Cairns vicinity.

Where Do I Go From Here? 

If you’re looking for more information on DIY tree removals, there are a multitude of masterclass tutorials available online (such as the one above) that outline everything you need to know about removing a tree safely. Alternatively if you have any questions and in the end decide to get professional advice, get in contact with Bumble Bee Tree Services if you’re in the area.