Here’s What You Should Do to Create Epic Garden Designs in Perth

Outdoor spaces decked out in modern garden designs are a visual treat. It takes a genius to conjure up these captivating masterpieces. Learn how to handpick the perfect materials for modern gardens and the landscape. 

What is it that defines modern garden designs?

  1. Water feature 

Often included as an attraction to enhance design aesthetics, water features for modern gardens are exquisite. The sound of running water in the backdrop has a soothing, relaxing effect. 

  1. Emphasized geometric shapes

A highlight that retains visual interests, geometric shapes help define plant beds and structural elements. These emphasize uniformity and prevent clutter. 

  1. Clean contours

Gardens shouldn’t appear crowded. Well-structured modern gardens have symmetrical lines that underscore every detail. It is visually captivating how this embraces the grand architecture, planned out sectors, boundaries, and playful geometry. Contemporary garden planting schemes that achieve this artistic balance never fail to delight the audience.

  1. Striking colour combinations and rich monochrome

Modern garden designs focus on creating lasting impressions with irresistible colour combinations. These play up mood-enhancing colours, neutrals, and intimate monochromatic blends. With this, watch garden plants, walls, and furnishings take on a new life. It creates an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and solace.

  1. Repeated textures, shapes, colours, and materials

Sounds cliche? The irony is, this strategy is at the nucleus of modern garden design. It is one of the core highlights of the trendiest modern minimalist front yard landscaping ideas. Plantings need a sense of direction. Repeated patterns tend to fill this void and add structure to the design. All elements of contemporary garden design need some amount of consistency. It creates a sense of continuity. So, whether it’s hardscaping, planting, lining paths, defining boundaries, or refining ornamentals, focus on achieving symmetry. 

Repurposing carefree materials in modern garden designs

Stones, plastic, concrete, and metal are some of the most accessible budget materials to repurpose modern garden designs. One outstanding quality is that these have little to no upkeep requirements. Modern gardening is an occupation in itself. Not giving the garden the care, attention, and commitment it needs can be detrimental. So, remember to incorporate this requirement when choosing materials for the garden. Beginners shouldn’t miss this opportunity because new plants and miniature gardens support this minimalist design. Furthermore, these plantings require little to no irrigation and pruning.

  • Texture elements. Despite the emphasis placed on structure and function, modern garden designs appreciate refined aesthetics too. Galvanized sheet metals, though ridged, have earned their keep in multiple creative areas. These are ideal for lining custom garden pots, creating bed edging, screens, and fencing. Metal water features for modern garden designs are some of the rarest repurposed pieces. 
  • Hardscapes. Consider hardscapes a canvas that purposes to stimulate visual interest. Use contrast materials to design exotic themes that inspire curiosity. How about concrete pavers? These display some of the most dynamic geometric patterns. Add glass or pebbles as beauty elements. Then, add finishing touches with creeping thyme or dwarf mondo. Mix match contrasts create a muse people won’t forget. 
  • Plant selection. The plant show is another attraction that demands thoughtful consideration. Plants like topiaries, hedges, dwarf trees, and giant shrubs make suitable matches to set the tone. Temperature-sensitive varieties can command positive reactions too. However, consider planting them in pots and adjust their placement as the seasons change. Agave, phormium, and cordyline are tasteful tropicals with ripped lines to give flower beds character. 
  • Lighting effects. Choose appropriate lights that complement the design elements of the garden. Rope lighting emphasizes and illuminates water features elegantly. Then there are solar-powered steppers that animate garden paths when lit. For a more dramatic lighting effect, incorporate galvanized or steel fixtures. Low-voltage lights give hardscapes a dramatic tone. 
  • Grasses. Have lawns lost their flair? There’s a disconnect between creative inspiration and how to transform a garden on a budget. Upright grasses pair well with galvanized metal pots or containers (preferably tall, cylindrical). Immaculate sedges can also give modern garden designs a regal appeal. These are suitable for pots and flower beds alike. 

Modern garden designs infuse classic functional elements to evoke traditional sophistication. It achieves a regal appeal while retaining the value of versatility and character. Eloquently highlighted symmetrical lines, neatly sectioned paths, and artistic geometrical emphasis are relevant in this theme. It allows creative freedom with plant accents and textured elements as long as it achieves symmetry. 

Try to infuse a mix of tiny trees, shrubs, perennials, and larger plants. Consider a mass planting scheme to reduce legwork and increase efficiency because repetition can dampen enthusiasm. Conformity to the core principles of healthy modern garden landscapes is a fundamental resource. Without this, it’s impossible to realize the true measure of symmetry and serenity modern garden designs should command. 

Nothing about modern garden landscaping is a cakewalk. The process requires time, commitment, critical planning, and a visionary. Not sure where to begin? Seek professional guidance and consider the above tips to avoid expensive regrets or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.